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Try micro-volunteering

What is micro-volunteering?

The inaugural Micro-volunteering Day is Saturday 15 March, 2014.

In today’s busy lifestyles, giving your time to volunteer can be difficult to find.  The odd minute or spare hour of time usually is all you think you have to give.

Micro-volunteering is a concept where instead of a volunteer offering large chunks of their day, week or year to a charity they are given small tasks to do here and there.

Micro-volunteering is ideal for busy people who may work all week and, although want to volunteer, think they have minimal spare time to give.  Bite-sized tasks can include giving advice on how to increase social media reach, proof reading a document or testing a survey tool.

Today’s charities and not-for-profit organisations need to flexible in order to attract support – including volunteers.  Volunteering tasks and roles need to be flexible – and re-thinking new ways of achieving the same outcomes are being discussed by not-for-profits which can help organisations to progress objectives.

This year’s Micro-volunteering Day is on Saturday 15 March.  The day was created to increase awareness of ‘bite-sized’ volunteering that is being adopted by progressive community organisations.  This annual event will inspire charities to embrace the idea of this novel way of volunteering, stimulating discussion on the concept.

Get micro-volunteerism into your organisation today!

See Vanisa Dhiru of Volunteering NZ talking about micro-volunteering here: