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Safe at the Top: What are the most important safety issues in our community?

Five years ago, Safe at the Top invited the community to come together to identify key community safety issues in our community. It is now time to review these. Go to www.safeatthetop.org.nz for information about the current areas and come along to make sure we are addressing the current priorities.

When the Nelson Tasman International Safe Communities initiative – Safe at the Top – was preparing for accreditation, a community meeting was held to identify the key safety issues in our community. The top seven areas were home, workplace, road and outdoor safety and reducing alcohol related harm, family violence and racism towards emerging communities. Five years on, it is time to view these seven areas, to ensure that the priority areas are included.

Please come along to this session on March 10th to hear about what is going on currently and to raise the issues that you see as priorities, supported by data or anecdotal evidence where appropriate.
Help to achieve the vision of Safe at the Top, ‘Our community, leading the way to safety’.
AnĀ invitation is attached. Please circulate this as widely asĀ possible.

Name: Barbara Graves
Phone: 021 299 3005
Email: info@safeatthetop.org.nz