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Do you need to fundraise? Are you bored with the same old ideas? Looking for something completely different and fun to do?
The Dave Upfold Comedy Hypnotist Show is coming to Nelson for a week in March and we have limited fundraising opportunities for groups and organisations.

Dave Upfold is back in town with his Family Comedy Hypnotist Show! It’s absolutely hilarious and not to be missed!

We are now looking for groups who need to fundraise. If you can sell 200 tickets to one show, we will give you $5 per ticket, that’s $1,000 you get to keep for your organisation! You don’t have to worry about organising a venue etc as the hard work has already been done. All you need to do is sell the tickets for your night.

If you can sell a show, we will also give you the right for that night to do the raffles, which can raise another $500+. You may also like to add an auction which has the potential to raise thousands of dollars (depending on the items that you get donated). Dave is a licenced auctioneer and he will do this for free on the night. One school raised $26,000 with one show because they did so well with their auction!

Also if you are fundraising for something specific we can let the audience know what your need is, and ask them to put their change/gold coins in a bucket as they leave. This works very well and can raise in excess of $500.

We have 5 nights available at this stage (from Wednesday 5th March through to Sunday 9th March) and they will go fast. If you are interested please let me know and I can give you a call to discuss. Contact Nicki Turnbull, Travel HQ on 027 548 4666 or email nicki@travelhq.co.nz

Dave Upfold is a world renowned Comedy Stage Hypnotist. He is one of the busiest and biggest crowd pulling Hypnotists in the world today and has entertained all around the world. Dave and his subjects (all volunteers from the audience), will keep you in fits of laughter for hours. He allows cameras and videos at his shows, so the people watching can record the event and show the “Subject” what STARS they have become.

Consider coming along to the show yourself, you won’t stop laughing all night, we promise! How about volunteering to get up on stage and be hypnotised yourself?

Name: Nicki Turnbull
Phone: 027 548 4666
Email: nicki@travelhq.co.nz