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Community Safety – What are the issues in our community? – 10 March

In 2010, Safe at the Top held a community meeting to identify the key safety issues in Nelson Tasman. It is time to review these. Go to www.safeatthetop.org.nz to find out more and take this opportunity to bring forward your safety concerns and help make our region a safer place.

Please take this opportunity to come along to a community wide workshop to help identify the priority safety issues in the Nelson Tasman region. Safe at the Top (the Nelson Tasman International Safer Communities initiative) has been focussed on the seven priority areas identified by the community in 2010 – road safety, workplace safety, outdoor safety, home safety, reducing family violence, reducing alcohol related harm and working with emerging communities and racism. Are these still the key safety issues that our community is dealing with? What else should Safe at the Top be working on? Please share the invitation and come along to this community wide workshop and get involved to achieve the vision of Safe at the Top “Our community, leading the way to safety”. 

As part of an ongoing review process, Safe at the Top is interested to know what you think are the key safety issues in the Nelson Tasman Region. Please include your views by completing the following short (2 question) survey. This information is part of a wider process to identify and prioritise community safety issues and to inform safety and injury prevention work across our community.

Here is the survey .

Barbara Graves