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Community Corner at the Libraries

Nelson Public Libraries has been trialing a Community Corner at Elma Turner Library – a space where community organisations can promote their services and engage with their community. We want to launch it in the New Year with a full program of participants. Contact us to discuss your needs or to book your space.

The Community Corner at Elma Turner Library, Nelson, is a space for community groups to provide free, one-on-one advice and information to the Nelson community. It also provides an opportunity for you to promote your organisation’s existence in a highly visible space to a wide range of people.
We trialed the Corner with great success over several months earlier this year, and now want to launch it with a full calendar of participants in February 2014. We would love your organisation to be involved.
How much you want to be involved is up to you. You may wish to have a regular booking at the Corner, over one or several hours, or be there as a one-off to promote a specific event or issue.
We provide a space, furniture, wifi and electricity for laptops, a notice board and promotion.
If you are interested in being part of the Community Corner, please contact me to discuss this further and book your slot. We can also discuss other opportunities for the Libraries to support the work you do, by providing display space or a venue for a presentation or talk about your organisation.
If you want more information, or you would like to book a session on the Corner, please contact Nicola Harwood: 03 546 0406 or nicola.harwood@ncc.govt.nz