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Working With Adolescents (Fostering Kids)

Fostering Kids Workshop on Working with Adolescents
Date: Wednesday 27th November, 9am – 3.30pm
Venue: Donaldson Civic Training Room, 4 Echodale Place, Stoke.

By the end of this workshop participants will be
able to:

Describe the various factors that drive adolescent

Explain the importance of not taking the young
person’s behaviour personally

Explain positive strategies / responses to develop
and enhance positive behaviour

Describe education disciplinary processes for young

Identify the rights and responsibilities of youth
when faced with police interventions

Recognise the connection between youth offending
and drug and alcohol use

Identify signs of substance abuse

Identify major issues for youth leaving care and
explain ways to positively support youth moving to independence

This workshop is a partnership between Fostering Kids NZ and Child Youth and Family.

These workshops are
free and open primarily to anyone in New Zealand who is caring for someone
else’s child not in the care of their birth parents. This includes agency
caregivers, respite carers, and family/whānau caregivers who care for children
unable to live with their birth parents. Limited places are also open to
caregiver social workers and Non-Government Organisation (NGO)
representatives that support carers.

is essential and can be done at http://schedule.fosteringkids.net/schedule.php

Or if you’d like
more information contact:

Catriona Ward

Upper South
Regional Coordinator on

027 369 3333 or
email uppersouthsupport@fosteringkids.org,nz

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